[Letter of 1877 September 17]


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[Letter of 1877 September 17]




African American sisters
African American families
African American students
African American Christians (Disciples of Christ)


Anderson, Caroline Still, 1848-1911 [recipient]






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[Mandarine Sep.?], 17th ‘77/ Dear Carrie:/ I intended to/ have written you yesterday/ (Sunday) but the morning/ was so hot: and a big meeting/ going on in one of the/ churches brought a crowd to/ dinner, and in the afternoon/ and evening I went to/ church./ I went to/ Thompson’s to board, but/ found Mrs. Thompson’s a/ in delicate health, and/ quite poorly, she was not/ able to do for me as/ she liked, and felt the board/ was not as it ought to be./ Her youngest sister who/ stays with one of the families/ from the north came home/ (to her father’s) fixed up her/ room, and then gave me the/ privilege of using it, it is/ smaller, than the one I had, but it is real cosy, with/ door and lock. I think/ in every way the s change will/ be for the better, it is nearer/ the school too./ I am just/ in from school, we had/ six new scholars, two who/ last year went to the/ Catholic school. I shall soon/ have all and more than I/ want. The sister of my/ music teacher sent word to/ me last night I must/ come around that she had/ Mrs. [Stone's?] or you and I/ could use it as much as I/ liked; her sister went north/ this summer and has not/ returned so I shall avail/ myself of the opportunity this/ afternoon as soon as it/ gets cool./ Carrie Garvin has/ a fine daughter, some two or/ three weeks old./ The Methodists are holding/ distracting meetings several/ have been converted but among/ them many [mournings?]/ [M Summer?] all with two others/ seem to be the most earnest./ His wife was converted last/ week, you never saw a man/ so changed, for he was the/ ruling spirit here, he would/ [From top of margin: end of letter] hungry. I/ get plenty/ of milk./ I drink it/ almost warm/ from the cow./ I know it would’nt[sic] be/ much cooler./ It is very rich./ Love to all/ Your aff./ sister/ Ella/ Write soon/ make all manner of fun of the/ good church brothers and sisters/ and this seems to be one of/ the many things which is/ stinging him so badly now./ They have a splendid/ great big three months old baby./ The [babies?] here at that/ age seem to take care of/ themselves./ Mr. Waters I suppose/ was in the city I was surprised/ to find him gone./ What did Martha say/ about my silk waist?/ I have enjoyed a few/ home [grounds?] since my return./ I like them almost as well/ as oranges. I ate a quarter of an/ orange the other day with fear/ and trembling. Well my dinner/ is nearly ready, and I am real/