[Letter: date unknown]


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[Letter: date unknown]




Man-woman relationships






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paper and what have I written/ pray tell! I think my ideas were/ never so few for composing as this/ Winter. It may be that I now see/ wh[xxx?] what I [?] [were?] ideas/ are no longer so. Well live and/ leave they say. That I believe is/ your [?] I am busy of course/ [xxxx?]ing up and down [plains?]/ Christmas passed off quietly here/ Kriss Kringle came only to our/ little folks. A brother three years/ old. [?]weetie Harper four and/ sister ten years old. My [xx?]se / and brothers were completely out/ of joint. To use a quaint expression/ I did not even feel like dressing/ a Christmas tree for them. We/ are all well and send love/ Father is very busy but tells me/ to day[sic] in a day or two he/ shall have leisure to answer/ your letter. A number of letters/ remain to be answered. Hence/ I must say. Good bye,/ Maggie is yet very sick she has/ given up her [intended?]. She has/ a good home and plenty of every/ thing her parents do not approve of/ him and after all her faithfulness/ contrary to their wishes he has never/ been the one to inquire after her during/ her sickness. Of course it was hard/ to go to the house and the family/ so bitterly opposed but it was duty/ to her. Moreover he never consulted/ her parents which was also duty/ and I am not sorry Maggie has/ given him up./ Affectionately Yours,/ Carrie/