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Russell Conwell died at his home at 2020 North Broad Street in Philadelphia on December 6, 1925. Following news of his passing, the clergy of many denominations paid tribute, including Rabbi Fineshriber of Keneseth Israel, Rev. Floyd Tomkins of Holy Trinity Episcopal church, Bishop Joseph F. Berry of the Methodist Episcopal church and Rev. J. Henry Harms of Holy Communion Lutheran church. Thousands of people from all over the city of Philadelphia came to his funeral or stood outside the Baptist Temple to pay their respects. The Philadelphia Inquirer said that "...he was certainly one of the greatest financiers and wealth producers of his time, for he earned and spent millions in the service of humanity and inspired others to give tenfold in that cause. ... He placed his money in one of the greatest dividend producers in the world "the strong, ambitious lives of worthy young men and women thirsty for knowledge and the higher education that would arm them for greater service." The Philadelphia Public Ledger said that "Sectarian differences were forgotten in assessing the permanent value of the work which Doctor Conwell inaugurated and which grew to the magnificent proportions of the Temple University...."

yellowed newspaper clipping reporting the death of Russell Conwell

Boston Post Obituary for Russell Conwell


Newspaper article featuring Russell Conwell's last literary work, a poem called "My Prayer."

Front page of an issue of Temple University Weekly dedicated to Russell Conwell, featuring a photograph of him in the center column

Newspaper articles relating to the life and death of Russell Conwell as published in the Temple University Weekly.