My Soldier

"I conceived the idea of building up among the American people-among the men and women who could not go into military service-a financial front which would rest on the same inspiration and morale as the military front of the army . . . We went direct to the people; and that means to everybody--to business men, workmen, farmers, bankers, millionaires, school-teachers, laborers. We capitalized the profound impulse called patriotism. It is the quality of coherence that holds a nation together; it is one of the deepest and most powerful of human motives . . . It was the business of the Treasury to organize this outpouring of energy and willingness; to organize and instruct an army of volunteer salesmen."

- William Gibbs McAdoo, Crowded Years: The Reminiscences of William G. McAdoo


Women holding hands outside a train with soldiers who are hanging out of the train windows, saying goodbye

Members of the 69th Infantry begin their long trip to France.

The War of the Nations Portfolio (New York: The New York Times Co., 1919), 303.

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United States
ca. 1917-1918
H. R. Green
106 x 72 cm