Liberty Bonds

"Prolonged trench warfare, whether enacted or remembered, fosters paranoid melodrama . . .. The enemy took on the attributes of the monstrous and grotesque . . . Naturally gigantism was ascribed to the enemy"

- Paul Fussell, The Great War and Modern Memory

"I see how peoples are set against one another, and in silence, unknowingly, foolishly, obediently, innocently slay one another . . . And all men of my age, here and over there, throughout the whole world see these things; all my generation is experiencing these things with me."

-Paul Baumer, German soldier, in the Erich Maria Remarque's novel All Quiet on the Western Front


German soldiers feeding orphans

German soldiers feeding orphans in Antwerp

Photo courtesy of the Photos of the Great War Web site.
Used with permission.

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United States
Fred Strothmann
76 x 51 cm